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When Less Becomes More » McLaren 570S
Simpler, lighter, and more analogue than the rest of them, the 570S is engineered to appeal to drivers, rather than to anyone who can afford its price tag.

Trouble Maker » Chrysler 300 SRT
Word is that Chrysler has stopped selling the 300 SRT in the US, but certain global markets including the Middle East will continue to receive them. With 6.4 litres of old-school RWD fun and massive street cred, we're not complaining. At all.

Subdued Violence » Mercedes-AMG GT S
Over many decades, a deluge of sports cars have attempted to steal the mantle from Porsche's vaunted 911, and now Mercedes throws in the glove with its brand new AMG GT S. Should Porsche be worried?

Grip Fiend » Audi R8
Audi's first-gen R8 was a newcomer in the supercar segment, but that didn't stop it from becoming a highly credible alternative to competitors from established brands. We fly down to Portugal to sample version two of Ingolstadt's game changer.
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