Forge Motorsport Front-Mounted Intercooler For Audi TT RS


It’s probably fair to say that no single part better sums up Forge Motorsport than the Front-Mounted Intercooler, an all-alloy product that’s pretty much become short hand for the Gloucestershire tuning firm over the last few years. Never keen to stand still in this regard, Forge Motorsport has just announced an all new intercooler, one designed to fit an equally new car, the latest Audi TT RS, the 8S generation model.

The new FMIC is actually an all-new, bespoke unit, one designed to better fill the limited space behind bumper and crash bar. This means that while it undoubtedly draws on the lessons and manufacturing processes perfected by Forge in its last intercooler launch for the TT (the 8V), it can be counted upon to maximise both space and performance."

A massive 640×250×100 in size, the Forge core has been shown to provide an equally impressive 56% increase in surface area compared to the standard Audi part, and more impressively still, a 94% increase in volume. The sheer scale of this unit means that Forge has once again had to supply a genuine TTRS crash bar, one which is then modified in-house in order to accept the enlarged core. Both core and crash bar are then finished with a protective layer of crackle finish powder coat for maximum longevity."

The Forge TTRS intercooler has been designed in such as way so as to retain the OEM boost hose locations, hence why its end-pipes sport integrated pipes. Forge is also able to supply its own boost hose kit should it be required, one far better suited to the increased pressures and temperatures associated with tuning.

The proof of the pudding, so they say, is in the eating, which in intercooler terms means how great an impact said unit can have on inlet temperatures. Forge conducted its own intercooler trials by letting the Stage 1 test car heat-soak on the dyno until the radiator fans tripped on and off (giving an inlet temperature of 36 degrees), before conducting dyno runs from there. This more accurately reflects real world driving conditions and thus performance, with the car in question (standard bar a Stage 1 map) eventually delivering 470.5bhp with a peak intake temp of 76 degrees."

Forge's intercooler can make a massive impact on both intake temperatures and performance, with the firm's demo car making a massive 520.8bhp with with inlet readings of a mere 34 degrees – a gain of 40bhp and a drop in temperature of 41 degrees. Forge anticipates even more impressive gains on those cars running Stage 2 software, primarily as the OEM intercooler is already operating at or very near its effective limit at Stage 1. The kit contains everything needed for installation including full fitting instructions, which should take around 3-4 hours."