Powerflex Mounting Kits for Honda Civic FK/FN


One of the most popular of all Civics is the FK/FN family, both of which have recently had a slew of relevant parts added to the Powerflex range, including a Front Wishbone Front Bush (PFF25-501), Front Wishbone Rear Bush (PFF25-502), Front Anti-Roll Bar Bush (PFF25-503-24) and Rear Beam Mounting Bush (PFR25-510).

It goes without saying that the front wishbone bushings are among the hardest working components on a car of this nature, and it’s likely that any FK/FN shape Civic will benefit from some Powerflex replacements, particularly if the model in question is a Type R. Powerflex now offers a Front Wishbone Front Bush (PFF25-501) and a Front Wishbone Rear Bush (PFF25-502), the latter an innovative 2-piece, dual-durometer design with moulded in washer, an arrangement shown to promote a secure fit while enabling the bush to rotate freely.

Next up, a 24mm bushing for the Front Anti-Roll Bar (PFF25-503-24), essential for increased lateral location while cornering in a committed fashion, something not exactly unknown amongst the Type R fraternity! It should be noted that this bushing has been designed for the 2.0 Civic Type R only.

Lauded for their handling prowess they might have been, but neither the FK or the FN Civics had the most sophisticated of rear suspension arrangements, both being dominated by a decidedly old school 'beam axle located by a selection of hard-working bushes. The passing years (not to mention the racking up of hefty mileage) will likely have served to compromise any OEM bushes still in place, and less precise cornering is the result. Powerflex's Rear Beam Bush upgrade (PFR25-510) contains everything needed to rectify the issue at a stroke, so it's well worth considering if you're running a road or a race spec Civic."

All the bushings included in this latest release have been rendered in Powerflex's signature polyurethane, a specially formulated blend that's proven its ability to withstand the immense forces, temperatures and conditions which are part and parcel of a hard working automotive chassis. This means that the bushes won't fail, are resistant to the wide variety of commonly encountered contaminants (including oil, salt and petrochemicals), and will provide countless miles of service."