ATS rocks Salon Privé with new GT supercar


Just a few days ago, a beautiful 1964 ATS 2500 GTS took home the prestigious “Rolex – Best of Show – The Quail” during the famous Monterey Classic Car Week in California, the annual series of events that culminates with the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The fifty year old ATS GTS, owned by American collector Bruce Milner, overshadowed the other 235 cars, validating the quality and beauty of a true Italian Gran Turismo of the sixties.

What best way to relaunch the ATS brand? As a matter of fact, ATS is attempting to astonish once more, 53 years later, with this exclusive GT. Unveiled at the Salon Privé, the GT is the first product of the ‘new’ ATS brand, which is developing and building its cars in the outskirts of Torino, thanks to the passion of entrepreneur Daniele Maritan and designer Emanuele Bomboi.

Pushed by a twin-turbo V8 (available with 650hp and 700hp) paired with a 7-speed transmission and built with abundant use of composite materials, the ATS GT carries some state of the art technological solutions. ATS claims a 0-100km/h time of 3 seconds and a top speed of more than 330km/h. The three driving modes, Viaggio, Sport and Corsa, significantly change the dynamic behavior of the car, transforming its nature and the feel the driver receives. Each mode acts on the suspension’s set-up, on the gearshift speed and on the engine’s power output, to lift the car to its maximum performance levels. The GT rides on forged aluminium wheels sized 20″ at the front and 21″ at the back, fitted with 255/30R20 and 355/25R21 tyres respectively.

The Centro Stile ATS has apparently studied and developed the best ergonomics for the driver, in order to offer a refined driving experience during urban, touring or track driving. Right from the start, the design of the interior was aimed at positioning the controls in the most perfect set up. The main challenge was to achieve this objective by creating a balanced environment, with the functional minimalism of racing cars. All of this had to be done without compromising the ability to control many of the sophisticated technological functions built in to this luxury environment where safety remains a priority.

The key features of the car’s technological aspects are the ultra-thin digital TFT screen, surrounded by an aluminium frame, and the central touchscreen for managing all other functions by allowing the driver to actively engage with the vehicle. The system known as “Heart” is the direct interface between driver and car. At the centre of the dashboard below the display, the Centro Stile ATS has installed a unique device that hosts all the controls to transform a quiet relaxing car into a true supercar, unleashing its extreme power to tackle racing circuits.

Like a racing engine, the drivetrain is equipped with dry sump lubrication, while the trademark roar of a V8 engine is even louder thanks to a specially tuned exhaust system. A mechanical differential is standard and, despite the significant power of the engine, the Launch Control system is said to guarantee lightning fast starts without wheel spin.

The new ATS is equipped with an ESP system for electronic correction of stability, and electronically adjustable shock absorbers. Powerful braking is ensured by generously sized carbon-ceramic discs, assisted by the latest generation ABS system. The ATS GT uses composite materials and special alloys. In fact, carbon-fibre is extensively used in the bodywork, in the interiors and chassis, leading to a combination of light weight (1300kg dry) and great strength.