Redline Crate Engines from GForce Performance


 Available at GForce Performance, this 416cu Redline low compression crate engine is suitable for both twin-turbo and supercharger upgrades. The combination can theoretically generate 1100 horsepower, but is restricted to 700hp for stock vehicle installation with 2 year/40,000km warranty.

Features of the GEN5 Direct Injection Stroker engine: 
• New LT4 Aluminum Engine Block 
• Manley Forged Steel Crankshaft 
• Manley Forged 6.125″ connecting Rods 
• Manley Platinum Forged Pistons and Rings 
• GM Single Stage Wet sump oil pump 
• Redline Custom Grid Camshaft with Fuel Pump lobe 
• New GM LT1 Cylinder Heads with 3 angle Valve job. 
• Redline Duel Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers 
• GM 1.8 Rocker Arms with Trunnion Upgrade 
• 7.850” Chromoly Pushrods 
• Billet DOD Delete Valley Cover 
• GM Racing Roller Lifters 
• GM MLS 7 layer Head Gaskets 
• ATI Lower Billet Balancer 
• LT4 High volume Fuel Pump 
• LT4 High Flow injectors

Ratheesh Babu 
Sales & Accessories Manager 
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Omar Riyad Jamil Hijazi 
Sales Executive 
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