Forge Motorsport Boost Hose Kit for BMW M3 and M4


It’s all too easy to take certain aspects of your engine for granted, particularly if the parts in question can’t quite match up to the likes of aftermarket turbos, free-flowing manifolds and blow-off valves in terms of boast potential! Things like boost pipes are a case in point and are often being overlooked and ignored, until they fail in spectacular fashion. Forge Motorsport is well placed to fix issues like this before they become serious, which explains why it has just released a replacement boost hose kit for the BMW F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4, one which addresses some of the known faults found in the OEM component.

Extensive research by Forge has shown there to be a number of reasons for boost hose failure on both of BMW's mighty M-cars, specifically those cars fitted with the S55 engine. Highly regarded and well developed as it undoubtedly is, the S55 has been shown to have a number of niggles, one of the most annoying being the OEM boost pipes. These have been known to fracture, with cracks forming along the plastic welded section running from the main tube to the plastic coupler, with all-out failure soon following."

This is precisely the kind of OEM issue which Forge Motorsport is well placed to rectify, not least as it has been producing aftermarket BMW parts for decades now. The company's all new solution is a comprehensive one, with the primary component being a pair of aluminium hardipes with a 60mm diameter and CNC machined couplers. Said pipes have been carefully contoured so that they mimic the route traced by the stock BMW equivalents, and also so that they're guaranteed to fit within the confines of the M3/M4's engine bay. The kit ships with everything required for a straightforward installation process, including couplers, jubilee clips and fasteners."

No further components or modification to either the Forge kit or OEM hardware is required, and Forge's latest BMW offering has been designed to be easy to fit, able to be up and running within minutes and with no specialist tools. The stringent levels of attention to detail evident in the kit, as is the case with all Forge products, means that the end user will have no problem connecting the hardpipes to either the OEM charge-cooler or Forge Motorsport equivalent."