KW Variant 1 & Variant 3 Coilover Kits for BMW E30


Never let it be said that KW is a firm content to rest upon its considerable technological laurels. The German suspension gurus have been incredibly busy of late, and the latest product to emerge from its Fichtenberg-based HQ, a veritable skunkworks of advanced damping tech, are a pair of KW Classic coilover kits for the BMW E30. Available in both Variant 1 (fixed) and Variant 3 (compression and rebound rate adjustable) guises, the kits sport forged steering knuckles and represent a highly significant moment in the aftermarket evolution of one of BMW’s most beloved models.

The BMW E30's position at the very heart of the classic and retro car world (both on and off the track, we might add) made it the ideal candidate for inclusion in the KW Classic range of coilover kits, with both V1 and V3 packages now available. Said kits manage something incredibly tricky, namely taking advantage of the massive advances made in the field of aftermarket suspension over the last 3 decades without compromising the E30's fundamental character. That might sound like a simple enough proposition, but actually achieving it proved a hefty challenge for KW's industry leading R&D team."

While it has long been possible to fit aftermarket, fully adjustable suspension to the BMW E30, this has hitherto involved taking part in a long winded component exchange programme. This sees the original, OEM parts removed from the car in question and shipped to a specialist for conversion, before being sent right back. It's a process fraught with potential for both delay and expense, so much so that it inspired KW to do something about it, hence its Classic coilover range. Both V1 and V3 E30 options sport forged steering knuckles on the front struts, a feature which negates the need to re-engineer or otherwise adapt the OEM uprights, which in turn saves time, effort and money."

KW's V1 suspension kits have long been known for their ability to marry affordability with advanced damping technology, and the firm's Classic offering for the E30 is no different. V1 uprights sport lowering via their dirt resistant trapezoid threads, with adjustment ranges of 60-80mm (front) and 55-80mm (rear). While of a 'fixed' design, non-adjustable damping V1 Classics come with a highly nuanced setup that's been configured by KW's engineers to be both sporting and supple, ideal for E30s likely to spend the majority of their time on the public road.

The inclusion of the aforementioned forged steering knuckles means that both the V1 and V3 kits can be used in conjunction with modern chassis variables such as tyres, wheels and polyurethane bushings, all of which have changed out of all recognition from the kind available when the E30 was new."

Those E30 owners seeking even greater control over the manner in which their car performs would be well advised to look to the KW Classic V3 package. As you would expect, KW uprights boast the same forged steering knuckles/spindles and lowering capabilities (60-80mm front and 55-80mm rear), yet also represent a whole new world of chassis tweaking possibilities thanks to their advanced construction."